the journey.

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 new perspectives on social-ecological systems 

about the SI immersive journey to Brazil.

9-19 June 2019.

In partnership with South Collective and FAS (Sustainable Amazon Foundation), the University of Stellenbosch and the Sustainability Institute presented an experiential immersion in the Amazon Jungle - for participants to live with, and learn from, the rainforest and its people. This journey teaches what sustainable development truly means in practice - as you experience what it is like to live with the forest rather than from it.

The social-ecological immersive journey to Brazil is a life changing trip that will make you grow your mind, heart and soul. By fully immersing yourself into a culture and way of living, you are able to not only learn about your study themes but also fully understand what they mean to different sectors, where they come from and how they can influence and be influenced. It is a type of knowledge that you can feel and understand so deeply that you can discuss it with meaning, not only facts.


Living in Tumbira, (a community of 30 families on the Rio Negro that can only be reached by boat) means living in a small community where nobody understands you, it means drinking local beer with friendly strangers, playing bingo without knowing what the numbers sound like, making friends with young and old alike, eating ice cream even after you have stuffed yourself with fresh food from the community, it means being cut off from the outside world for a while, sleeping in hammocks and trying to avoid touching plants that might be hiding ants or thorns. You learn how people live away from the city and also how the city influences their way of life. You work hard, learn in all ways, change your mind and soul. By the end of it you will leave a piece of your heart in the Amazon, and your mind will have grown in ways you will never expect.

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An immersive  learning experience


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